Special offer

Special offer of disinfectant gel and liquid

There is a special offer of disinfectant gels and liquids

We offer a larger amount of disinfectant gels and liquids (see details below).
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rinse-free, short exposure time, 250 ml

  • Biocidal product
  • Removes bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Rinse-free cleaning

Product description

The disinfectant liquid contains alcohol for rinse-free hygienic hand cleaning. Cleanser, disinfectant, antiseptic for hands. This product is an indispensable travel companion.

Composition (100 g of solution):

Ethanol: 62,5 g

Dosage and application

  • hand disinfection 1 x 5 ml antibacterial hand fluid
  • apply the undiluted solution on your hands several times a day and massage well
  • moisturize the entire skin with your hands
  • exposure time is about 30 seconds
  • the skin should be completely dry!
  • The packaging can also be used as a refill for pocket bottles

Logistic data:

Sales unit: 12 pcs in a package
Package weight, box: 3.5 kg
Number of sales units on a pallet: 196
Product size: H: 157 mm x W: 60 mm x T: 40 mm
Product weight: 260 gr. +/- 2 gr.

BAuA: Reg-Nr. N-89298

Batch number: see label

AIMIL 50ml 4
AIMIL 50ml 4

Disinfection gel 50 ml

Alcoholic hygienic rinse-free cleansing and antiseptic and disinfectant gel for hands.  This product is an indispensable travel companion.

Dosage and application:

  • Apply on hands as needed and spread well of the whole hands, do not rinse.
  • Moisturize the entire skin of the hands with the gel
  • The time of complete absorption is about 30 seconds
  • The skin should be completely dry before use! 

Composition (100 g of solution):

Ethanol: 47.50 g
Propane-2-OL: 15 g


Logistic data:

Sales unit: 55 pcs in a box
Package weight, box: 3,0 kg
Number of sales units on a pallet: 196
Product size: H: 104 mm x  W: 24 mm x T: 41 mm
Product weight: 60 gr. +/- 2 gr.

Batch number: see label

BAuA: Reg.-No .: N-89300
Country of origin: Austria